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Waimarie: Hamilton East Community House

SAM – Sport, Music & Cultural Fund Sport, Music & Cultural Fund (SAM Fund) – Initiative of Waimarie: Hamilton East Community House, in getting kids into sport, music and other cultural activities who would not normally have the opportunity

Goal: To enable primary aged children who would not normally be able to participate in organized sport or cultural activities, due to financial or other constraints, the opportunity to do so, by providing equipment and/or payment of fees.

It is our belief that children who engage in sports, cultural activities or in any field of their choice from primary school age are likely to succeed as adults. It is imperative for children to stay active to help them avoid some of the pitfalls of adolescence and young adulthood. This also helps to mitigate the chances of being underemployed and under-motivated. We also believe that children need the support and encouragement of caring adults in their chosen endeavours and we would like to offer help to those families who face financial constraints. 

Funding is used to pay fees and /or equipment for participation in sports, music, drama, dance, or other cultural activities. Examples include the hireage of musical instruments, soccer fees and/or strip and dance fees.

The following criteria need to be met to access these funds:
  •   A family must have a Community Services Card. We would need one form of photo identification.
  •   An application form needs to be filled out. Attach a quote to your application.
  •   The children must be of School-age (5 to 12years old).
  •   There has to be a commitment from the family to support the children in the sport, music or cultural activity.
  •   The family must live in South East Hamilton ( Hamilton East, Silverdale, Hillcrest, Riverlea).

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Scholarships University of Waikato. Hamilton East Community House ‘Waimarie’ is offering a scholarship to a community-minded university student

The $600 scholarship will be awarded to a student residing in South East Hamilton (Hamilton East, Hillcrest, Silverdale areas) and studying at the University of Waikato.

The successful applicant will be required to sit on the South East Kirikiriroa Community Association – the governing body of Waimarie for a 12-month period. This will mean attending monthly meetings and maybe a planning session.

Community House Manager, Jane Landman, believes the scholarship is a win-win for Waimarie and the scholarship recipient. “It will be good to have a university voice for the Community House,” she says. “We are also keen to recruit younger people and new members from the area.”.

To apply, fill out the following form and email it to Jane – manager@waimarie.org. Ph: (07) 858 3453. Contact her for more information.

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